Club Challenge

The Club Challenge is a more difficult course requiring some understanding of navigation. Route charts and map plotting are usually required.

This division is operated under CAMS Social event regulations. Car club entrants can use points from this event toward their club championships if required.

You don’t have to be a car club or CAMS member to participate. Entries are welcome from any crew who wants to take on the challenge.

Some of the clubs that have participated in our previous events are:

  • HRA – Historic Rally Association
  • WRX club Vic
  • Mini Club
  • Maserati Club
  • Ballarat Light Car Club


The course takes about 3 – 4 hours to complete using sealed and unsealed roads – so it is not suitable for low slung sports cars (We suggest the social drive for those).

You will often see some classic rally cars and also some rare exotics taking part,

One of the reasons we build a challenge and fun into the event is to lift the mood of participants. We run Drive for Life to raise funds for suicide prevention education workshops. Therefore we often see people participating because they have been personally impacted by the loss of a loved one.

What you need:

  • Club membership details (if running for points
  • A road registered car
  • A licensed driver
  • A navigator
  • Passengers are permitted
  • Map plotting equipment
  • Compass
  • A pen or pencil to fill in your question card along the course

Want to come along? 

We hope to have the event operating again in 2021